On Buying a New and Luxury Home in Redding: Check It Out!

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Published: 11th December 2012
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Buying a new home is one of the most important investments you'll ever make as well as one of the most expensive. Therefore, it is essential that you make the most informed decision you can regarding the purchase of a new home; there are several key issues that should be considered. The first one, of course, is your selection of a real estate agent. Your realtor should be solely focused on finding the best home that will suit your needs. However, it is also important to have a realtor with whom you have a good rapport so that your home buying process will be pleasant for both you and your realtor.

Second, if you are looking at a new luxury home, be sure to thoroughly investigate the reputation of the builder, including his or her standing with the state contractor's licensing board and the Better Business Bureau. Although these two corroborations do not guarantee the quality of your contractor, they are important first steps. Also, be sure to talk to those who currently live in houses built by the company. Even though you may be buying a new home, it would be wise to conduct an independent building inspection before the close of escrow. Although these inspectors are typically used for existing homes, they can provide considerable peace of mind when buying a new builder home.

Due to the extreme climatic variations in Redding, items such as weather-stripping, dual-paned windows, upgraded insulation and an energy efficient heating and air conditioning system, can have a dramatic impact on your monthly utility bill. If you are buying a new home in Redding, be sure that there are no monthly dues assessed and ascertain any covenants, conditions and restrictions, or CCR's, that may be applicable to your neighborhood. Some CCR's can be quite restrictive, so it is prudent to discover beforehand any limitations they may impose, including constructing room additions or remodeling your home in later years.

Before you accept your new luxury home in Redding, look at it from a distance. Make sure that it is square and the lines are true. Your house should not have bowed walls or lines and the floor should feel sturdy under your feet. In addition, ensure that all air vents are functional and have an unobstructed air flow. You don't want to discover after the fact that one room has no heat or air to it. Check your plumbing and fixtures carefully for leaks or cracks. Plumbing fixtures are expensive to replace and all your new fixtures should be in pristine condition. In addition, any undetected water leaks will play havoc with your utility bill and may be very expensive to fix later on.

Electrical outlets and circuits should be sufficient to accommodate the needs of the house, particularly with all the electronic gadgets that everyone now uses. Inadequate outlets or circuits can present a fire hazard and therefore should be more abundant than is currently necessary.

An independent building inspection should catch these issues and more. If it doesn't, the inspection company will be liable for the repair expense, which is another excellent reason to have the inspection performed prior to accepting your house from the builder.

Buying a new luxury home should be one of the most exciting events of your life. A few precautions can ensure that it is and can provide you with happy memories for years to come.

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